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Yi Han-chul (1808 - 1880)
19th century, Joseon Dynasty

hanging scroll, ink on paper painting alone: 50 x 11.5 in. (129 x 29.5 cm)

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Yi Han-chul (1830-?)

A one-column hanging scroll with two houses in the foreground and mountains. Two artist seals.

About Yi Han-chul (1808-1880)
Yi Han-chul was a professional painter in the 19th century of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910 AD). He studied under renowned calligrapher Kim Jung-hee. In his paintings, we can see the influence of 18th century painter Kim Hong-do, the most important painter of the Joseon Dynasty. His works embody the southern literati style. Yi was famous for portraitures, particularly the portrait of Yi Hang-bok who was a prime minister. Although he was a professional painter, Yi also painted traditional scholar-gentlemen subjects such as landscapes, flowers and birds.

His works are featured in many great museums internationally, including the National Museum of Korea and Muisee Guimet.

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