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1. Dragon Jar

19th century, Joseon Dynasty, Korea

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Large Blue and White Dragon Jar with Tall Straight Neck

white porcelain with cobalt blue glaze
H: 17.75 in. (45.08 cm.)

The Korean Dragon
In Korea, the dragon symbolizes great benevolence and heaven as well as the royal court. As a spirit of strength and good fortune, the dragon was celebrated in numerous Korean ceremonies and rites until the end of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910 AD).

This underglazed blue and white jar was produced in the Bunwon kiln, which produced porcelains only for the royal court. This jar is shaped in a high-shouldered ovoid form with a neck decorated with cloud-patterns. Two wide-eyed, four-clawed dragons soar amidst scallop-shaped clouds in chase of the Yeoiju or the Flaming Pearl. A highly-skilled court painter rendered this striding dragon with flowing brushstrokes, freely using the entire jar as his canvas.

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