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Mountain and Cottage Landscape

Heo Geon (1907-1987)
mid-late 20th century

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This ink landscape painting depicts mountains and cottage in midst. The top right corner has calligraphy writing along with artist signature and seal.

ink and color on paper
painting alone: H 13 x W 15 (33 x 38.1 cm)
mounted: H 24.5 x 26.5 (62.23 x 67.31 cm)

About Heo Geon (1908-1987):
Heo Geon, pen name Namnong, was the third son of Sochi, Heo Ryeon and continued the tradition of the Southern area. Heo Geon enjoyed depicting fishing villages and landscapes and expressed realistic landscapes of old fine trees, black bamboos, flowers and birds in a unique, serious style. He didn’t follow the stylistic change of the modern period. He was always faithful to old calligraphic methods, as well as spiritual aspect of ink painting. He concentrated on the true landscape of his hometown, and developed his own style of this ink painting. Emphasized True-View Landscape, not at all imaginary.

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