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3. My Cob 351017

Her Su-young

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About Her Suyoung (b. 1972)
Fusing literati elements with a contemporary fluidity, Her Suyoung (b. 1972) brings a remarkable, exciting freshness to the classic landscape genre.
One detects in Mr. Her’s work the influences of his inspiration Wang Meng (c. 1308-1385), and of Northern Song style; However, Mr. Her infuses the grandeur and drama of monumental landscape with a supple expressivity that is distinctly modern.

A signature fixture in many of Mr. Her’s landscapes is the winsome bicycle that replaces the small human figures traditionally found in Asian landscapes. Perched precariously on rocky outcrops, the bicycle is the titular “My Cob” (in Korean “Jeuk-to-ma”), an English translation of the noble steed ridden by the famed Guan Yu (died 219 A.D.), whose horse’s mythical ability to travel 1,000 ri (400 km) in a single night made the Chinese general invincible in all major battles.

Her Suyoung studied painting at Seoul National University and at the Tianjin College of Fine Arts, China. He was previously on the faculty of Jeonju University and lectures at Won-kwang University.

Selected Collections
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Target Corporate Collection, Minneapolis
The Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge
The Dr. Helga Wall-Apelt Collection at Ringling Museum, Sarasota
Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas

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