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Bunhwang Temple

Park Dae-sung (b. 1945)

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Park Dae-sung (b. 1945)

1945 Born in Chungdo, Gyeongsang-bukdo, Korea
1998 Art Journey to North Korea with Yoon Bum-Mo
1988 Art Journey to China with Yoon Bum-Mo

2006 Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Galerie Gana-Beaubourg, Paris
Gongan Gallery, Busan, Korea
2004 Chinese Cultural Center Opening Exhibition-Unnamsung Sketch,
Seoul, Korea
2003 Misul Segye Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2001 Amun Art Center Opening Exhibition, Daegu, Korea
2000 Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1997 Galerie Gana-Beaubourg, Paris
1996 Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1994 Silk Road Journey, Dong-A gallery, Seoul, Korea
1990 Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1988 Hoam Gallery Masterpiece 100, Seoul, Korea
1987 Parina gallery, Koln, Germany
1986 Huji gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1976 Sun gallery, Hukuoka, Japan
1975 Maeil Newspaper Gallery Opening Exhibition, Daegu, Korea
1974 Gongjak Gallery, Daeman

2003 New Horizon of Drawing, Museum of Contemporary Art,
2002 21 Century Korean Contemporary Art-The Geography of Expectation,
Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2000 Young Korean Biennale, Daegu Art Center, Daegu, Korea
1999 World Peace Art Festival 2000, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1999 Dong River Byelgok, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1998 6 Korean Painting Artists, Cheongjak Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1997 For Korean Art's Identity, Busan Museum, Busan, Korea
1996 Painting and Sculpture with Maternal Affection, Cheongjak Gallery,
Seoul, Korea
1992 The Sixth Jeju Shilla Art Exhibition, Jeju Island, Korea
1990 Nicaf-Park Dae-Sung, Oh Su-Hwan, Lee Il-Ho Exhibition
Bolakia Gallery, Paris
1986 Nature, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
1985 Two Person Show: Park Dae-Sung, Gang Dae-Chul
Maeil Newspaper Gallery, Daegu, Korea
1984 Invitation of Korean Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwacheon, Korea
1981 Two Person Exhibition: Park Dae-Sung, Hwang Chang-Bae
Samteo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Korean Art '81, Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwacheon, Korea
Contemporary Korean Painting, Museum of Contemporary Art,
Kwacheon, Korea
1980 10 Emerging Artist, Shinsege Museum
New Era: Nine Person Exhibition, Selected by Gyegan Misul
Twelve Person Exhibition, Invited by Korean Gallery Associate

2006 The 5th Munshin Art Award
1979 The Grand Prize, The Second Jungang Art Award
1978 The First Jungang Art Award

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