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5. Gaya Stoneware Stand

5th-6th century, Gaya Period

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Gaya Stoneware Stand

The high base of this stand has a row of triangular perforations interspersed with incised designs and supports a hemispherical bowl that flares out at the rim. Scholars have suggested that since these stands were used in funerary rites, their strong sculptural shapes were meant stand out against the background of the tombs. This particular vessel is unusual in that there is an indentation from the lip to the body of the basin. The bowl itself is decorated with a band of incised lines of trees alternating with geometric patterns. Which is above a band of large incised circles and a band of smaller circles. These same circle patterns are echoed in the stand decoration as well. Stands of this type are also in the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Museum of Korea, and the Ho-am Art Museum.

Ash-glazed Stoneware H: 16 in. (40.5 cm)

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