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Yang Gi-Hun (1842-?)

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Ink on paper, hanging scroll
Sealed Seok-Yeon
Hanging Scroll: 22.75 x 80 in,
Painting only: 17.5 x 55 in

Yang Gi-hun, penname Seok-yeon, was a member of the Royal Academy of Painting under King Ko¬jong (reg. 1863–1907). Yang served in both the northern palace in Pyongyang and the royal court in Seoul, and is thought to have visited North America in 1883 as part of the first Korean diplo¬matic mission to the United States. Though he was a professional painter, Yang Gi-hun is best known for his exceptional works in the literati style.

Yang’s works were extremely famous and admired by Japanese collectors. Yang was often invited to Japan and commissioned to paint flying geese and cranes, for which he was so well-known.

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