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King Bamboo

Kim Jin-Woo (1883-1950)

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Ink and color on silk
Painting alone: 61 x 24.75 in
(154.9 x 62.9 cm)
Mounted: Framed: 85.5 x 28.5 in (217.2 x 72.4 cm)

Especially renowned for his bam¬boo paintings, Kim Jin Woo was a literati painter, calligrapher and a member of Korea’s independence movement against Japanese oc¬cupation of Korea (1910-1945). In 1918, He studied at the Institute of Calligraphy which a famous literati painter Kim Gyu-jin founded.

Kim Jin-Woo is known as one of ‘the best bamboo painter’ of his time. The bamboos in Kim’s paint¬ings resemble his unswerving spirit of nationalism. He was imprisoned several times due to his protest against the Japanese rule. Even dur¬ing his imprisonment, he constantly practiced and painted bamboos.

In this rare example of King bam¬boo painting dexterously painted in color, the robust bamboo mirrors his unrelenting love for his country.

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