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Calligraphy on Blue Paper

Shin Wi
19th century, Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), Korea

hanging scroll, ink on blue paper, signed No-ha, with seal reading Ja-Ha below

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Calligraphy on Blue Paper

painting alone: 7 x 16 in., mounted: 45 x 20 in

Shin Wi (1845-1969), penname No-ha, was a government official as well as an eminent calligrapher and bamboo artist of the 19th century. He learned to paint ink bamboo from Kang Se-hwang. He was associated with various literati in Korea, including Kim Chong-hui, and in China, including Weng Fang Kang. Shin Wi was renowned as one of the greatest calligraphers, in addition to being one of the three greatest bamboo painters of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910 AD), along with Yi Chong (1541-1622) and Yu Dok-chang (1694-1774).

Translation of poem:
Born and nourished by heaven,
a tree stands amidst a mountainous forest.
In its shade, a leisurely wanderer
Has built a little grass hut.
The humble dwelling cannot be compared
with the vividly colored lakeside pavilions,
but here, wildflowers grow with abandon
and noble guests can rest.

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