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2. Ten-panel Plum Blossom Screen

Jeong Tae-o
late 19th century, Joseon Dynasty, Korea

Ten-panel ink screen depicting plum blossoms and calligraphy

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Ten-panel ink screen depicting plum blossoms and calligraphy

Ten-panel ink screen depicting plum blossoms and calligraphy.
Jeong Tae-o’s plum blossoms elegantly poise themselves on fluid branches with eloquently written calligraphy.

10-panel screen, ink and color on silk
paintings alone: 51 x 12 inches (129 x 29.5 cm)
mounted: 72.5 x 19 inches (184 x 48 cm)

About Jeong Tae-o
Jeong Tae-o was a literati painter of the 19th century who was known for his talent at depicting the plum in ink, one of the four motifs of the Four Gentlemen theme. His brushwork closely followed the styles of Kim Jeong-hui (1786-1856) and Jo Hui-ryeong (1789-1866). However, Jeong is most recognized by his extraordinary ability to construct unique and innovative compositional formats in his paintings. In recent years, Jeong has been acknowledged by many scholars for his original and individualistic compositional style. Jeong’s seal collection is in the National Library of Korea, where 57 of his seal imprints have been preserved on colored paper.

Another example of his work is in the collection of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

For reference, please see: Yu Bok-ryul, Hanguk huihua daeguan [A General Overview of Korean Painting], Seoul: Mungyowon, 1979, p. 734; and O Sae-chang, Geun yeok seohwajin, Seoul: Sigongsa, 1998 ed., p. 231.

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